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Picture of Kat LowranceKat Lowrance - Executive Director
Kat has been the Executive Director of RFENC since June 2002. She was a Consultant for the agency prior to that and worked as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. Debbie Rowell was a dear friend that passed away in March 2002 as she was writing a grant that would fund an office in Redding, in addition to the office which was then located in Paradise. Kat has three grown children with diverse abilities. Her youngest son, born in 1984 is deaf and that led her into the world of special education. She also has two grandsons. She is passionate and devoted to assisting families with children with diverse abilities.

Picture of Gina GrecianGina Grecian - SLATE Program Manager
Gina is a Registered Nurse whose background includes clinical supervision of critical care units at a busy Northern California hospital. After her son, Ethan, was diagnosed with autism in 1996 she pursued a different career path serving families who have children with diverse abilities. Among Gina's many contributions here at RFENC is the fact that she has helped to develop a Therapeutic Intervention Program for children with autism using evidence-based practices. In addition she has been instrumental in the creation of several trainings designed to promote the movement of youth with diverse abilities through the transition of adulthood.

Picture of Christine JensenChristine Jensen - Fiscal Assistant
Christine started with RFENC in 2003 as a Parent Liaison, left to focus on family in 2004, then returned to us in 2010 in her present position. She likes to say she was part of the "Adopt 2 Get 1 Free" Program regarding her children. Christine and her husband adopted Taylor and then Tiffany. Roughly a year later they were blessed by pregnancy and the birth of Trisha. Taylor has auditory processing disorder and memory challenges. From birth to toddler he was a frequent visitor of doctors' offices everywhere. And Tiffany was no stranger to doctors either. Christine enjoys sewing and cooking for her family.

Picture of Wendy LongwellWendy Longwell - Parent Consultant
Wendy has four children and several grandchildren. Her children have various special needs including auditory processing disorder and spina bifida. Wendy has been advocating for her children and for special needs children in the community for several years. She's also active on several committees and boards throughout the North State that have direct influence on outcomes for people with diverse abilities. She enjoys spending time with her many animals, reading, gardening and playing boardgames.

Picture of Kelsey JohnsonKelsey Johnson - Parent Consultant
The only Canada-born person in the office, Kelsey has three children, the most recent born in March of 2017. Kameron was born in 2010 and his sister Keeley came along the following year. Kameron is profoundly deaf, has Short Gut Syndrome and developmental delays. Keeley has Septo-optic Dysplasia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and is legally blind. None of this stops them from causing a raucous stir around the house with their general marry-making and commotion. In her free time Kelsey likes to paddle board, spend time with her family and travel to new places.

Picture of Sarah AngelSarah Angel - Parent Consultant
Sarah joined RFENC on a regular basis in 2017 following many years of work in our summer Get SET program. After studying abroad during high school Sarah is fluent in Spanish. She is married and has two children; Amaya Elena born in 2012 and Juan Daniel born in 2015. Daniel was born at 27 weeks and later developed a brain infection which led to Acquired Hydrocephalus. He has remained medically fragile sparking Sarah's interest to help parents in similar situations. In her free time she likes to cook, bake, and take walks with her family.

Picture of Leslie CorlettoLeslie Corletto - Receptionist
A native of Guatemala, Leslie came to the US in 1993. She and her husband Werner have two children, Werner Jr., born in 1995 and Suzette born in 1997. Both have autism and both attend Shasta College. Werner is pursuing a certificate in Customer Service while Suzette is in Early Childhood Education. Leslie sits on the board of directors for Far Northern Regional Center. She gets much joy from embroidering and cooking for her family. She also leads the Spanish-speaking support group here in Redding.

Picture of KC FrainKC Frain - Receptionist
The wife of a Marine veteran, KC's family is made up of herself, her husband and their 4 children - Carson, Layton, Sylas and Kallie. KC herself was raised in a family alongside 2 adopted sisters and 2 adopted brothers. 2 of the 4 have special needs, as does her son Carson. When she's not doing math the top 3 things KC enjoys most are shopping, purchasing things and searching for stuff to buy. :-)

Picture of Kristen GibsonKristen Gibson - Respite Coordinator
The Gibson's moved to Redding from Florida in 2013 not because Kristen wanted to share in the misery of incredibly hot summers, but because of her husband, Jason's, job. They have two sons, Drew born in 2003 and Logan born in 2006. Kristen says Logan is a "rough and tumble" boy. He loves sports and doesn't let Down Syndrome slow him down. In her search for services and a school for Logan, Kristen became familiar with RFENC. When she's not working she enjoys being with her family.

Picture of Monica ThomaMonica Thoma - Parent Consultant
A native Oregonian, Monica came to Rowell Family Empowerment because of her son, Alix, who was born in 2000 and has the diagnosis of autism. Monica says, "Alix has changed my life in so many positive ways. I'm honored to work with other families who are walking the same path." Her heart is to assist and help bring relief to each household. Her educational background is in business and early childhood. When she's not in the office she enjoys the beauty of the outdoors, the sounds of opera, and spending time with her family and friends.

Picture of Alexandra StephensAlexandra Stephens - Respite Coordinator
Alex has been living in Redding since moving here from the Bay Area in 1999. For the last thirteen years, she and her husband are engaged in the unique challenge of raising two children on the autism spectrum. Having benefitted directly from the services RFENC offers (parent groups, respite, and Get SET), Alex enjoys helping other families achieve spiritual and emotional well-being through the respite program. Alex enjoys spending time with family, listening to opera, running the River Trail, and gardening.

Picture of Shane NurnbergShane Nurnberg - I.T. Manager/Personnel
Shane tends to wear a lot of different hats at Rowell Family Empowerment, but it's easiest to say he's our I.T. cowboy. He handles the bulk of our in-house writing and web needs. His son Braden was born in 2002 and diagnosed with autism in 2004, and largely because of that diagnosis Shane has worked for RFENC since 2006. He's the person staff go to when they have computer issues or problems with any piece of equipment that might possibly contain a circuit board. Shane likes college hoops, short term household projects and pretending he's a real cowboy.

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