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Support us Through Amazon

Support us Through Amazon

Do you shop on Amazon? You could be supporting Rowell Family Empowerment every time you purchase!

How can I support RFENC when I shop on Amazon?
Amazon has a program called Amazon Smile. It’s no different than going directly to except that you login through a different door, tell them you want to support RFENC, and then you shop to your heart’s delight.

Does it cost me more?
No. It only tells Amazon to donate a portion of the money you spend to RFENC instead of keeping it all.

Will I still have the same product selection?
Yes. It’s exactly like shopping Amazon.

I want to shop on Amazon right now. How do I tell them to make a donation?
Follow this link to shop on Amazon. Make sure you start going to instead of simply

When you first follow the link above Amazon will have you sign in. That special link tells them to donate to RFENC specifically.

Support us?
By shopping with Amazon Smile you’ll help us keep smiles on the faces of many parents and families who have children with diverse abilities – and the kids themselves! Funding is important for a small non-profit like us. Every bit helps. So go ahead… spend. Just make sure you complete those purchases through Amazon Smile with Rowell Family Empowerment as your charity of choice.  :-)

Suggested purchases (things you might need):


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